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Dave Bunker, Founder and CEO

Dave's career includes 45+ years in the machinery and automation field.


In the 1980s, after 15 years in the sale and service of industrial machinery, Dave founded Automation Specialties and Waterjet Specialties, two highly successful automation companies which were successively and successfully sold to Dynovation Machine Systems Inc. and then Flow Automation Inc. Dave effectively managed the transitions from company to company and then, after Flow consolidated its operations in the United States in the early 2000’s, Dave purchased Southport and founded I-Cubed.


Dave’s creative ability to serve customers, solve problems and seize opportunities is surpassed only by his ability to inspire and motivate the team he works with.

Brenda Cherniak, Vice President and Operations Manager

An extremely organized, systematic and disciplined manager, Brenda has worked for 30 years in customer service, finance, business administration, and operations management. 


Brenda has worked for Southport for more than 15 years and has been with I-Cubed since it's founding. Her responsibilities include general management, customer relations, inside sales, and production

coordination. Prior to working for Southport and I-Cubed, Brenda worked for Dynovation, Flow Automation and AXYZ Automation.  

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Bradley Berquist, Financial Officer 

Brad is an M. Sc., B.Comm, CPA, and CMA who has worked as a professional management accountant for 34 years, 24 of which were in high-tech manufacturing and 10 of which were in post-secondary education.  


Brad has worked for I-Cubed for 4 years and his responsibilities include, finance management, general management, and human resource administration. Prior to working for I-Cubed, Brad worked for Automation Specialties, Dynovation, Flow Automation, AXYZ Automation, Mohawk College and United Nations University.

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