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Offline programming (OLP) is a method used for industrial robot simulation. The process creates a virtual environment for testing and to check issues that may arise, for example, singularities, collisions, reach limits, joint limits, etcetera.


We are partners with Robotmaster and Mastercam, ideal programming solutions that provide unique tools for programming, visualizing and optimizing processes quickly and easily. Their flexible software can provide turn-key solutions for all major robotics companies including ABB, KUKA and Yaskawa Motoman.



• Takes all programming away from the robot, increasing its overall efficiency
• Imports existing CAD data to program from in many different formats
• Calculates thousands of points in seconds versus having to go through a program point by point
• Gives you fast manipulation tools to control things like lead and lag angles as well as side-tilt angles
• Path optimization allows you to plot your robot path and shows areas where issues may occur, giving you full control       to avoid future issues
• Simulation gives you a virtual dry run environment, so you can see how your robot will transition through a path               before ever running it on the physical cell
• Intuitive workflow simplified set of tools to accomplish very powerful programming, easy step-by-step processes
• You can set up safe environments with virtual limits and safe zones in the software
• Much more...

Check out some Demonstrations

via Robotmaster

Offline Programming - Plasma
Robotmaster - Spraying
Robotmaster - Optimization
Robotmaster - Trimming
Robotmaster - Trimming
Robotmaster - Waterjet Cutting
Robotmasterr - Dispensing
Robotmaster - Dual Robot Cell
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