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I-Cubed's newest product offering – EcoTrim® Ultrasonic Trimming.


Ultrasonic trimming is a sustainable alternative to some waterjet or laser trimming applications and offers advantages of lower requirements for power, water, sound enclosures, etc. Because the ultrasonic blades can be sharpened many times in-station, ultrasonic trimming offers lower operating, maintenance and consumables costs.


This technology also may reduce injuries and alleviate the repetitive stress that is typically seen in manual routing and trimming applications.


Ultrasonic trimming provides a cleaner cut on most materials and is ideal for a variety of non-metallic materials including molded plastics, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, and non-woven fabrics. Potential applications include automotive interior components such as door trim, headliners, instrument panels, consoles, floor carpets and HVAC molded components.

EcoTrim® is a registered trademark of Yaskawa America, Inc.


(Target Materials)

  • Resin plate

  • Glass fiber (GFRP)

  • Formed decorative film

  • Foam

  • Blow-molded parts

  • Injection-molded parts

  • Carbon fiber (CFRP)

  • Aluminum foil composites

  • Non-woven fabrics

  • Controlled-depth kiss cutting


  • Process flexibility

  • Enhanced precision

  • Cleaner cuts

  • Energy efficient

  • Improved worker safety

  • Clean and eco-friendly

  • No waste water disposal

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Send us a message today at or give us a call at 905.643.8685. Our experts will discuss the ultrasonic capabilities with your specific application and find the best solution that suits your requirements.​​

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