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item is more than just a supplier of typical aluminum profile and fasteners accessories.

The item product line has more than 2,500 profiles and parts, all stocked in North America. These include:


  • 150 variations of profiles and associated accessories – fastening hardware, floor elements, panels, doors and hardware, and mounting accessories

  • Product transfer – conveyors, sliders, and chain transfer

  • Linear motion and accessories – t-slot sliders, linear slides, linear rails, roller guides

  • Enclosures and guarding systems

  • Cable management

  • Mechanical drives – timing belt drives, chain drives, rack drives, ball screw units, and bevel gear

  • Lean manufacturing product line (D30)

  • Assembly workstations product line

  • Material handling product line (System Mobile)

We also provide design and processing services as well as complete machine solutions.


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